Command Cooldown

The best plugin for adding cooldowns to commands! 1.7-1.15 support!


Command Cooldown is an administrator tool plugin that allows administrators to put cooldowns on any command they would like to. Command Cooldown is a unique, updated plugin with over 1000+ players using it every day!

Plugin Downloads & Changelogs

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  • 1.7-1.15 Support

  • Customizable cooldowns for any command

  • Customizable messages in config.yml

  • config.yml editor commands

  • Cooldown list

  • Command aliases

  • Smart add and remove commands with step by step walkthroughs.

  • bStats Tracking

  • Automatic update checker

  • Able to add cooldowns to commands with arguments. E.g. /warp home

  • Ability to check cooldowns with /cooldowns

  • Time formatting, days, hours, minutes, and seconds

  • Cooldown bypass command

  • Cooldown bypass permissions

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