Integration with other plugins

Enabling a Dependency

  1. Add the plugin to the server

  2. Go into Custom Enchant's+ config.yml

  3. Go to the configuration section holograms and then set 'enabled' to true.

  4. Save the config.yml

  5. Restart your server

Note: A dependency will not integrate properly if you do not enable it within the config.yml of Custom Enchants+


Custom Enchants+ has a soft dependency on Holographic Displays. This allows for holograms to be enabled or disabled. These holograms can be configured to an admin's liking within the config.yml. Holograms are reloaded with the command /ce reload These holograms can be seen with Custom Blocks

Event Compatability

All enchantments function on certain events. However, CustomEnchants+ forces Bukkit to run the events within CustomEnchants+ later than other plugins, so CustomEnchants+ will not fire enchantment events if another plugin cancels them first. This is good for allowing plugins that have protected regions such as WorldGuard or a Skyblock plugin to prevent a player from using enchantments within that area.

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