All GUI's and their descriptions

Custom GUI

A custom GUI, graphical user interface, is a feature within that gives players a unique way of enchanting. GUI's can be opened up by Custom Blocks or with commands. Each GUI is animated, in the terms of items moving around within the GUI while the player is interacting with it.


As first GUI to be introduced to Custom Enchants+, it is definitely also the most important. The Enchanter is to be used to add Enchantments. The Enchanter will refuse items with no remaining slots. The Enchanter will also refuse items types that are not able to be enchanted.

Upgrading Existing Enchantments

The Enchanter has a chance to increase an item's already-existing enchantments when enchanting. The default percentage is 50%. This percentage can be configured within the config.yml. Every successful upgrade will roll a chance for an upgrade again. So by default: one upgrade is a 50% chance, two upgrades is a 25% chance, three upgrades is a 12.5% chance, and so on.


The Tinkerer is a unique GUI that allows a player to remove their custom enchantments in return for EXP. The given is experience is determined by used_slots* enchantExpCost. enchantExpCost is defined within the config.yml.

Obtaining Scrolls

Scrolls can be obtained from tinkering. By default, each scroll has a 5% chance from tinkering, this percentage can be configured in the config.yml.


The Anvil GUI allows a player to forge two items together. At least one item must contain a custom enchantment to be utilized. The Anvil does support Vanilla enchantments. Forging two items costs the player experience. The total amount of experience is calculated by the total amount of enchantments * forgeExpPerEnchantment. Forging does not increase the max number of slots on either item. Books may be used within the Anvil GUI.


The Selector GUI is displayed when a player activates either the Enchantment Upgrade Scroll or the Enchantment Removal Scroll. It allows the user to select an enchantment for the scroll to perform its action.

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