Information about required/non-required plugins that PrisonPick can work with

Dependencies are split up into 2 categories. Hard-dependencies, which are required, and soft-dependencies, which are not required, but offer extra features. As of now, PrisonPick has 2 hard dependencies, but they are not required for you to download them, as they are shaded within the plugin.jar itself. These shaded libraries are XSeries and NBTEditor. Although these are technically hard dependencies, you do not have to consider them at all if you are solely an administrator. PrisonPick also has a soft dependency on TokenManager and an expansion for PlaceholderAPI. For detailed information on the PAPI expansion, click here.


TokenManager is an economy plugin that PrisonPick can use for upgrading enchantments. This will replace the default currency of EXP levels. This can be enabled in the config.yml.


Vault is an economy plugin that PrisonPick can use for upgrading enchantments. Download here:


XSeries is a library that allows PrisonPick to be highly compatible with older versions. XSeries allows for things such as potion effects, enchantments, and mostly item types to be used without major exceptions or failures.


NBTEditor is used to save data to a specific item. With this library, custom data can be easily saved to an item. For example, pickaxes can have a designated owner, preventing other players from using that pickaxe.

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