Fun facts or interesting information

Trivia contains more hidden details but that are quite important to the plugin

Action Bar

The action bar is displayed right above a player's hot bar. It is displayed for most enchantments with cooldowns. It informs the user how long until their cooldown is over.


Custom Enchants+ utilizes bStats. This allows Darrionat to view the current standing of usage for the plugin.

Combo: Stun


Combo: Stun gives the struck entity slowness 255.


When stunning a player, they will be displayed with a screen showing them how long they are stunned for.

Explosive Cooldown

During the 5 second cooldown of explosive. The player may not shoot arrows. This is an intended feature to help 'nerf' explosive.

Homing Arrows

20 seconds after being fired, homing arrows will lose their ability to home. This was implemented to prevent permanent floating arrows if there is a bugged entity.

Sounds and Particles

Many enchantments have custom sounds or particles. Flaming Aura signals that the opponent has been set on fire with a sound. Lucky strike gives off of a flash effect whenever it hits.

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