prefixEnabled: true
prefix: '&7[&6CustomEnchants+&7]&f'
noPermission: '&cYou do not have the permission ''%perm%'''
onlyPlayersOpenGui: '&cOnly players may open a GUI!'
onlyPlayersCommand: '&cOnly players may run that command!'
guiDisabled: '&cThat Gui is disabled!'
reload: '&aReloaded config.yml'
enchantsDisabled: '&cAll enchants are disabled in this world! Enable them with &a/ce enableworld'
worldNameRequired: '&cA world name is required! &6/ce [enableWorld/disableWorld] [worldName]'
worldDNE: '&cThat world does not exist!'
worldAlreadyEnabled: '&cThis world is already enabled!'
worldAlreadyDisabled: '&cThis world is already disabled!'
worldToggle: '&7Successfully toggled world to %state%'
worldList: '&6World List: &7%worldList%'
noEnabledWorlds: '&cThere are no enabled worlds!'
useNumberForTier: '&cYou must use a number for the tier!'
invalidEnchant: '&cInvalid enchantment!'
levelOutOfBounds: '&cUse levels %startLevel%-%maxLevel%'
enchantAir: '&cYou cannot enchant air!'
wrongTarget: '&cYou must be holding a %enchantTarget% for this enchantment!'
alreadyHasEnchant: '&cThis item already has that enchantment!'
noSlots: '&7This item has no slots remaining!'
cantBreakAnvil: '&cYou can''t break a custom enchant anvil!'
airBlockAtAnvil: '&cThat block is air! Please look at a block to place the anvil at.'
removeAirAtAnvil: '&cThat block is air! Please create an anvil first.'
errorAnvil: '&cThere was an error! The anvilData.yml file does not exist.'
notCustomAnvil: '&cThis block is not a custom enchantment anvil!'
cantBreakTinkerer: '&cYou can''t break a custom enchantment tinkerer!'
airBlockAtTinkerer: '&cThat block is air! Please look at a block to place the tinkerer at.'
removeAirAtTinkerer: '&cThat block is air! Please create a tinkerer first.'
errorTinkerer: '&cThere was an error! The tinkerData.yml file does not exist.'
notCustomTinkerer: '&cThis block is not a custom enchantment tinkerer!'
cantBreakEnchantTable: '&cYou can''t break a custom enchant table!'
airBlockAtEnchantTable: '&cThat block is air! Please look at a block to place the
  enchanting table at.'
removeAirAtEnchantTable: '&cThat block is air! Please create a table first.'
errorEnchantTable: '&cThere was an error! The enchantData.yml file does not exist.'
notCustomEnchantTable: '&cThis block is not a custom enchantment table!'
expNeeded: '&cYou need &e%expNeeded% more levels &cbefore you can enchant'
contactTheDev: '&4Something went wrong. &cContact the Developer of the plugin (Darrionat)'
insertedCustomEnchantedItems: '&eInsert Custom Enchanted Items'
exitTable: '&eExit Table'
insertItemToEnchant: '&dInsert Item to Enchant'
noSlotsRemaining: '&cNo Enchantment Slots'
enchantItem: '&DEnchant Item &7- &e%expCost% Levels'
exitTinkerer: '&eExit Tinkerer'
tinkerDesc: '&7Tinkering removes enchants for EXP'
# getExpDesc: ''
  - '&7Receive &e0&7-&e%expCost% EXP &7Levels'
  - '&7Potentially receive an &fEnchantment Scroll'
tinkerSuccessful: '&7You removed your enchants for &e%exp% EXP Levels'
tinkerItem: '&eExchange Enchantments for EXP'
combineItemsLore: '&7Combine two items together'
cost: '&e%cost% Levels'
forgeTogether: '&cForge Items Together'
enableGui: '&6/ce enable [gui] &7- Enable a Gui'
disableGui: '&6/ce disable [gui] &7- Disable a Gui'
guiList: '&6Gui List: &7Anvil, Enchanter, Tinkerer'
toggledGui: '&6The Gui &e%guiName% &6was set to &e%state%'
availableEnchants: '&6Available Enchants &7(%enchantCount%)'
helpTopMessage: '&6&l%pluginName% v%version% Commands'
helpPages: '&6Page %page%/%pageAmt%'
noAvailableEnchantments: '&cThere are no available enchantments for that item!'
updatedItemInInventory: '&7Your &c%type% &7in your &eInventory &7has been updated'
updatedItemInEnderChest: '&7Your &c%type% &7in your &dEnderChest &7has been updated'
updateItems: '&6/ce updateitems [player] &7- Updates lores to match lores.yml'
updatedItemSuccessfully: '&7Checked the lores of custom items in inventories of &e%player% &asuccessfully'
playerNotOnline: '&cThat player is not online!'
giveScroll: '&6/ce givescroll [player] [scroll] &7- Gives a scroll to a player'
canOnlyUseOneScroll: '&cYou can only use one scroll at a time!'
noScrollsInCreative: '&cYou cannot use scrolls while in creative!'
scrollRename: '&7Say what you would like to &erename &7your item to!'
scrollRenameActive: '&cYou need to finish renaming your current item first!'
scrollRenameSuccessful: '&7Your item has been renamed to &f%name%'
giveToken: '&6/ce giveToken [enchant] [level] [player] &7- Gives an enchantment token'
slots: '&cSlots &7%usedSlots%/%maxSlots%'
  normal: ''
  rare: '&dRARE '
  legendary: '&6LEGENDARY '
- '&6&l%pluginName% v%version% By: Darrionat'
- '  &6Type ''/ce help'' for commands'
- '&6/ce help [page] &7- Shows help messages'
- '&6/ce placetable &7- Places custom table'
- '&6/ce removetable &7- Removes custom table'
- '&6/ce placeanvil &7- Places custom anvil'
- '&6/ce removeanvil &7- Removes custom anvil'
- '&6/ce placetinkerer &7- Places custom tinkerer'
- '&6/ce removetinkerer &7- Removes custom tinkerer'
- '&6/ce reload &7- Reloads the config.yml'
- '&6/ce [enchant] [level] &7- Enchant an item'
- '&6/ce list &7- Shows available enchants'
- '&6/enchants &7- Opens up the enchanter GUI'
- '&6/tinker &7- Opens up the tinker GUI'
- '&6/anvil &7- Open up the anvil GUI'
- '&6/ce enablegui [gui] &7- Enable a Gui'
- '&6/ce disablegui [gui] &7- Disable a Gui'
- '&6/ce enableworld [worldName] &7- Enable enchants in this world'
- '&6/ce disableworld [worldName] &7- Disable enchants in this world'
- '&6/ce worldlist &7- See enabled worlds'
- '&6/ce updateitems [player] &7- Updates lores to match lores.yml'
- '&6/ce givescroll [player] [scroll] &7- Gives a scroll to a player'
- '&6/ce giveToken [enchant] [level] [player] &7- Gives an enchantment token'

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